This is the Sea 4 [dvd]

This is the Sea 4 [dvd]

Misschien de uiterste grenzen verkennend van wat er met een (polyester) zeekajak mogelijk is?

Een dubbel video DVD van ruim 2½ uur in breedbeeld met onder meer expedities in Nieuw Zeeland en Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands). En genoeg oefenstof om een lange winter door te komen.

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This is the Sea 4 (trailer)

New Zealand South Island
Circumnavigation (intro)

Haida Gwaii Expedition (intro)

Ottawa River Sea Kayaking (intro)

Dolphins and Whales in
Kaikoura NZ (intro)

Trashed in Surf, Okarito, NZ (intro)



  • THE QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDS - These beautiful, remote islands off the west coast of Canada boast amazing wildlife, wilderness camping, intimidating swells and Haida culture. Shawna Franklin, Leon Somme & Justine Curgenven paddle 500miles around the archipelago encountering humpback whales & 200 year old totem poles.

  • DUBSIDE - The man-in-black known simply as 'Dubside' shares his vision of "commando kayaking" using only public transport, 2 feet and a folding kayak. He also performs impressive Greenland rope gymnastics and joins Warren Williamson for some rough water rolling in Deception Pass.

  • ROCK HOPPING IN BAJA - Jen Kleck and friends explore the beautiful Pacific coastline of Baja, surfing ocean swells through gaps in the rocks, gliding through caves and getting up-close-and-personal with the worlds second largest blowhole.

  • LAKE SUPERIOR - The worlds largest freshwater lake is America's third Ocean. Squeeze through tiny arches and tunnels in the Apostle islands, and paddle under the impressive overhanging multi-coloured Pictured Rocks.

  • THE BASS STRAIT - Justine Curgenven island hops the 350km between Australia and Tasmania across this notoriously stormy sea. Crossings of up to 12 hours lead to charming and rarely-visited islands.

  • NEW ZEALAND CIRCUMNAVIGATION - The windswept and surf ridden South island is one of the worlds most challenging coastlines to kayak. Scary surf, a helicopter evacuation, dolphins, albatrosses, 40knot winds, friendly locals and more surf characterise this exciting 67 day, 2400km journey for Justine Curgenven and Barry Shaw.

  • NORWAY - Paddleup one of the worlds narrowest and steepest fjords,see the first seakayakers to surf the Bulken river wave and join a father and son playing games with their kayaks including jumping from the back deck to the front deck!

  • ISRAEL - Paddle on the Dead Sea; the lowest ( and saltiest) place on earth, kayak besides 2000 year old Roman ruins, and explore a deep cave on the Lebanon border.

  • THE OTTAWA RIVER - World champion kayakers Ken Whiting and Brendan Mark take seakayaks down the grade4 high volume Ottawa River.

  • KAYAK FISHING - Jim Sammons fishes for bass, halibut, sharks & rays in San Diego, but first he has to get out through the surf!

Land Australië, Canada, Israël, Mexico, Nieuw Zeeland, Noorwegen, Verenigde Staten
Regio British Columbia, Ontario, Baja California Sur
Locatie Apostle Islands, Lake Superior, Haida Gwaii, Ottawa River, Queen Charlotte Islands, Bass Strait, Dead Sea
Personen Barry Shaw, Dubside, Hadas Feldman, Jen Kleck, Jim Sammons, Justine Curgenven, Ken Whiting, Leon Sommé, Shawna Franklin
Uitgegeven 2008
Tijdsduur 162 min.
Kwaliteit HD, 16:9 WS, 1280x720
Afmeting (mm) 190 * 135 * 14
Verzendgewicht (g) 108.0000
Producent Cackle TV Productions
Herkomst Nee