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This is the Sea [dvd]

This is the Sea [dvd]

"First Ever Action Sea Kayak Video"; gemaakt door Justine Curgenven.

Na al deze jaren door velen nog steeds beschouwd als de beste zeekajak video DVD; die de zeekano sport in al haar facetten laat zien.

€  16,50




This is the Sea 1 (intro)

Kamchatka documentary (trailer)


Cackle TV Productions brings you sea kayaking at its most exciting! Thrilling footage taken in big surf and roaring tidal races lets you feel you are in the boat with expert paddlers. Watch their eyes bulge and hear them scream in excitement as they meet the challenge of big water!

Hear personal insights from the world's top sea paddlers including expedition paddler Chris Duff, Greenland Kayak Champion Malligiaq Padilla, and world leaders Nigel Foster and Nigel Dennis. Locations are as far afield as California, Georgia, Florida, Washington, Greenland, Wales and Russia.

See footage from daring and difficult sea kayaking expeditions, including a 650 kilometre journey along the eastern coast of Russia with a novice paddler. The team encounter 6 foot surf, brown bears in their campsite and are arrested by Russian soldiers.

Justine Curgenven, award winning adventure videographer, has had footage aired on BBC, Sky and National Geographic. She shoots her footage directly from her own kayak, following paddlers through crashing surf, exciting tidal races, and fascinating sea caves and arches. You can't get any closer to the action without actually being there yourself!


"Cackle-TV has captured both the essence of sea kayaking and its world-wide variety. Justine's camera takes you into the thick of the action and gives you the thrill of riding the waves."
- Christopher Cunningham, Sea Kayaker Magazine

Land Groenland, Rusland, Verenigd Koninkrijk, Verenigde Staten
Regio Californië, Florida, Georgia, Washington, Scotland, Wales
Locatie Bodega Bay, San Juan Islands, Kamchatka, Anglesey, Penrhyn Mawr tide-race
Personen Chris Duff, Dale Williams, Ginni Callahan, Greg Stamer, Hadas Feldman, Justine Curgenven, Leon Sommé, Maligiaq Padilla, Nigel Dennis, Nigel Foster, Shawna Franklin
Uitgegeven 2004
Tijdsduur 60 min.
Kwaliteit SD, 4:3, 720x576
Afmeting (mm) 190 * 135 * 14
Verzendgewicht (g) 105.0000
Producent Cackle TV Productions
Herkomst Verenigd Koninkrijk