Veer Haak

Veer Haak
De 70mm (medium) RVS klephaak wordt toegepast in onze zeekajak sleeplijn.

De 50mm (small) RVS klephaak is ideaal voor gebruik in een korte contact sleeplijn of kajak cowtail.
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Kenmerken Materiaal : RVS A4-AISI 316

L (mm) : 5070
B (mm) : 2431
C (mm) : 1012
D (mm) : 10,513
Gewicht (g) : 2152

Synoniemen: Karabijnhaak, Carabiner, Klephaak, Musketonhaak, Veerhaak, Spring Hook, Snap Hook, Wire Hook

The Contact Tow is an easy and fast way to move a paddler a short distance. In this episode, presented by Adventure Kayak Magazine. Shawna Franklin and Leon Sommé of Body Boat Blade demonstrate the tow with and without.

The kayak-to-kayak method - no ropes necessary - is the simplest way for the tower to push or pull a paddler to safety, positioning the kayaks side-by-side and making sure the boats are offset to allow for easy paddling.

Adding the Contact Towline allows the tower to ensure that the kayak being towed stays close by. Watch it, then try it!

A contact tow line is an easy to use, practical, multi-use line that can help make your sea kayak rescues faster and less complicated. Though its design is simple and easy to make, there are few shops that sell them. In this short video presented by Body Boat Blade and Adventure Kayak Magazine.

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